Vortech’s X series superchargers have a long successful heritage, with an industry reputation of being the most durable and efficient superchargers in competition today. The New Vortech V-24 XB105 takes advantage of new rules that allows us to add 6% more flow area to the race proven V-24 Xi-Trim. A Newly engineered ultra-efficient light weight billet impeller with superior stability and strength over standard billet. The V-24X B105 has the most efficient, largest volute in class (11″). Another revolutionary feature of the V-24 XB105 is a new diverging volute contour with engine specific tunable diffusion. We will let you know more about tunable diffusion soon. With all the engineering and new technology put into Vortech’s new offering, the V-24 XB105 will be visiting the winner’s circle soon. Current Vortech V-24 Xi-Trim superchargers will be fully upgradeable to the new V-24 XB105.

Features Include:
1. Newly engineered ultra efficient light weight Billet impeller
2. 6% more flow area over the Vortech V24-XI.
3. Improved 11” diameter (Largest volute in class)
4. New diverging volute contour.
5. Will be legal in all applicable popular racing classes.
6. Engine specific Tunable Diffusion

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